Mr. Jiminez is 57 and their (Shona, Betsy, Cameron, and Huey’s) landlord. He thought he’d retire to a quiet life after investing his DMV-job retirement money into a building in Downtown LA. Sadly, the economy took a dump on his dreams and he now has to work his ass off as a maintenance janitor, and everything else just to break even.


Mr. Jiminez wears a dirty “A” shirt and navy green cargo shorts. He wears a brown belt with a gold oval-shaped buckle. His footwear are dark green dress shoes and his bobby socks are black. On his wrist, he wears a gold watch with a silver face. On his left hand, he wears a silver wedding band. Mr. Jiminez has black sideburns and a black mustachio. He also has an obvious unibrow.


  • Mr. Jiminez has a poor relationship with his nagging wife.